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Well done to our Rathmore past pupils


Girls football win !



children MUST have a valid ticket to travel on the school bus.  Children without tickets are not insured on school buses.  Children are to carry their tickets with them at all times as CIE Inspectors will be checking tickets regularly.  Tickets are to be shown to the driver in the mornings and evenings.  Tickets allocated to pupils are for travelling to and from the pupils home address only and are not valid for going to friends houses on different bus routes.

Please note that children travelling to friends houses on the school buses are not covered by insurance.

Please note: Children without tickets will be refused admission on the busLost tickets will have to be replaced.  Replacement tickets are available by the parents applying directly to CIE.   Telephone No: 01 7032430. The cost of a replacement ticket is €10.

Seat Belts
All our buses are fitted with seat belts.  It is compulsory for children to wear seat belts when travelling on the school bus.  Children refusing to wear a seat belt will not be carried on the bus.

Any children without a valid ticket will not be facilitated on the school buses; this is a directive from CIE.  Children without tickets are not insured on school buses.

We would be obliged if you would ensure that you child/children comply with the above regulations in the interest of your children’s safety.

Thank you,
Damien Mulligan.

If you have any queries on the above you can contact the following numbers:
Damien Mulligan                087 2830840
Dualway Coaches:              01 4580054
O Neill Transport:               087 2761327
CIE School Transport:        01 7032472
Rathmore NS:                      045 862145

Care in the Car Park

In the Interest of Safety for each and every child, we the Staff of Scoil Chéile Chríost Rathmore N.S. wish to draw your attention to the following:

Pupils travelling by car will enter the school playground via the garden entrance and line up in their relevant lines in the yard no earlier than 8.45am and no later than 9.00am in the mornings.  Bus pupils will use the same entrance procedure to the yard.  Supervision will be provided by the Principal/staff from 8.45am to 9.00am.  Garden gate will be closed at 9.00am and children are to enter through the front door if late.

All children collected by car are asked to remain at the front plaza of the school until they are collected by parent/guardian. Parents/guardians are asked to walk up and collect their child.

Children are not allowed to walk down to the carpark/Rathmore Community Hall on their own for collection.

If this is unsuccessful, children will be held in the PE hall until the parent/guardian collect them from the front PE hall door.  We will monitor improvements and revert to the hall if necessary.

We would also ask that children are supervised in the car park at collection times until they are safely in your car, as cars/busses are driving /reversing etc and visibility can sometimes be poor due to weather conditions.

We would also ask that children do not walk through the flower beds but use the footpaths provided, that they do not run across the roundabout, and that they do not swing/climb on the flag poles, gates or bollards.

If any parent/guardian is late for collection in the evenings, children should wait inside the front porch and inform their teacher or Principal when they are leaving.  Where possible, parent/guardian should inform the school if they are delayed.

Our aim is to provide for the Health & Safety of your child/children in the evenings and we are asking for you co-operation in this matter.

Dates for your diary

27th September at 7:30pm – Internet Safety Talk for parents
3rd October – Parent Association AGM
23rd & 24th November – Parent teacher meetings
8th December – Mass in school

7th April at 10:00 am – Confirmation
13th May at 11:00 am – Communion

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Enrolment 2023/2024

The Enrolment process for the following school year 2023/2024 is open from January 6th 2023. Forms of Enquiry are available from the school office or can be Downloaded here

If you require any further information regarding the above please contact Lucy Travers (Principal) or Martina on 045 862145

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