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Mindful Tuesday

Mindful Tuesday – (the second and last Tuesday of every month)

We are rolling out an exciting new initiative in our school: Mindful Tuesday. On Mindful Tuesday, the children have a homework free night! Instead of doing homework, we encourage you and your child/family to engage in an activity that promotes positive mental health.

Here are some ideas / suggestions…

Technology free night

 Family play a board game together
 Family walk
 Cycling
 Baking/cooking together
 Family sit down to have dinner together
 Swimming
 Read a book together
 Take your pet for a walk
 Play a sport together
 Do a family project on a topic of interest
 Play a musical instrument
 Listen to music
 Dance
 Take up a new hobby
 Play a card game/charades/jigsaw
 Gardening
 Do an art activity

If you have any ideas we’d love to hear them, and we welcome photos and samples of art, baking, writing etc done!! Each child will have a very small exercise to complete which will explain which activity they did for Mindful Tuesday.

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