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What are Threadworms?
The Threadworm is a common parasite, which at some time will cause infection in almost every child.

How could my child get Threadworms?
Anyone can become infected with Threadworms. Threadworms live in the intestine. The adult female worm leaves the intestine at night to lay eggs on the skin around the anus. Irritated by the presence of the egg children scratch their bottoms, picking up the eggs onto they hands in the process. These eggs are then carried to the mouth, swallowed and once in the intestine they can hatch and mature into the adult worm.

Eggs are easily passed on to other people in the same way, by touching someone else’s food or putting fingers into someone else’s mouth. The eggs can survive for up to two weeks and can be transferred by bedding and clothes.

What should I do if my child has Threadworms?
There are a number of treatments available for Threadworms and some are available without prescription. Threadworms are easily passed on to other members of a family so it is a good idea to treat all family members at the same time even if there are no symptoms. The treatment should be repeated after two weeks to make sure it has worked. After treatment all bedding and underwear should be washed in the hot cycle in the washing machine to destroy any eggs.


Your doctor or chemist will be able to answer any further questions that you might have about worms and the preparations available to treat them.

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