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Some Facts and Figures

Opened April 2008

All classes visit every Friday

Each child has their own library card and unique membership number

We have over 9000 books to choose from

We hold an annual book fair which is the major source of new books

We are always happy to accept donations of books in good condition that are suitable from age 4 to 13 years

Parents can help by

Reminding children to bring their books into school each Friday, including books that are to be renewed

Encouraging their child to read their library book and chat to them about its content, or, in the case of younger children, reading their book to/with them

Responding promptly to any letter informing them of an overdue library book

If you would like to become a library volunteer, please email library@rathmorens.ie

Bookworms Corner

Do you want to write a book review for a school library book, or a draw a picture about your favourite school library book? We will display some of them on the library noticeboard and may even put some of them on our website! Book reviews are a great way to help other people decide if a book would interest them.

You can email them in or leave them in the Library Returns Box in School (your teacher will tell you where it is if you don’t know).

If you love reading some interesting websites include:

Laureate na nOg

Reading for Life

Student Life Book Club

Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2012

World Book Day

Enrolment 2019

The Enrolment process for the following school year 2019/2020 is now open.  Closing date for applications is 20th February 2019.

Forms of Enquiry are available HERE or from the school office.

For any queries  please contact Robbie Jameson (Principal) or Martina (Secretary) at: 045 862145

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Bus Routes 2017

Details of bus routes and contact numbers for the companies and drivers can be found HERE or from the TRANSPORT menu.

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