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Upcoming Events

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Christmas Charity 2018

Xmas Fair 2018 Videos – coming soon

Car Parking

We are asking for your co-operation with the following to ensure the safety of our pupils, your children in relation to the use of the school car park and surrounding areas.

• Please use only the car park spaces provided in the school car park.
• When dropping off or collecting pupils, please do not stop or park on the roundabout.
• Use the overflow car park to the rear of the Community Hall if necessary.
NO PARKING is permitted along the school driveway outside of the marked spaces.

This allows cars to enter and leave and also provides the necessary space for busses to enter and leave safely.

• Please at all times be vigilant as young children are liable to run out behind cars if they are not properly supervised. Once children are collected from the plaza/school hall they are your responsibility.

(Updated) Xmas Fair Class Performances

CAR PARKING: Please use only the car park spaces provided in the school car park. Or use the overflow car park to the rear of the Community Hall.

Time Teacher Class
10.00am – 10.20am Mr. Walsh 6th
10.20am – 10.40am Ms. Malone 3rd
10.40am – 11.00am Ms. Lancaster &Ms. Mooney 1st Classes
11.00am – 11.25am Break Break
11.25am – 11.45am Mr. Feen 5th
11.45am – 12.05pm Mr. Cronin 4th
12.05pm – 12.25pm Mr. Collier 2nd
12.25pm – 1.10pm Lunch Lunch
1.10pm – 1.30pm Ms. Roche & Ms. Kelly Junior Infants
1.30pm – 1.50pm Ms. Murphy & Mr. Bolton Senior Infants

From the Parents Association

2018 Christmas Fair

This year our Rathmore Kids call for even more cheer
As Christmas falls early for us – just this one year
For the Rathmore School Christmas Fair falls on a Thursday
The 6th – and be sure –  it’ll go on the whole day

There’ll be songs and poems aplenty, music and hymns
And theatre so dramatic, you’ll forgive us our sins
There’ll be cakes and buns and even some quiche
Just make sure to come early to get yourself a seat

Our annual raffle helps raise much needed funds
Please, please offer donations – it’ll make more people come
Cos they’ll think they will win – and it’s great, cos they can
They’ll be as rich as kings, or even a wise man
We cannot take cards, so bring cash on the day
and support the kids of Rathmore as they sing, come what may


Donation of Prizes
There is a donation box inside the front door of the conservatory or donations can be left into the office.

Donation of Baked Goods

Donations of baked goods would be greatly appreciated. Please leave donations into the Garden Room on Wednesday 5th December between 1.30pm and 3.00pm, or alternatively into the office during the school day.

Enrolment 2019

The Enrolment process for the following school year 2019/2020 is now open.  Closing date for applications is 20th February 2019.

Forms of Enquiry are available HERE or from the school office.

For any queries  please contact Robbie Jameson (Principal) or Martina (Secretary) at: 045 862145

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Bus Routes 2017

Details of bus routes and contact numbers for the companies and drivers can be found HERE or from the TRANSPORT menu.

No announcement available or all announcement expired.