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Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th January – Junior Infants Parent Teacher Meetings via Zoom

Saturday 5th February – Do this in Memory Mass – 7.30pm Eadestown Church (Communion Pupils)

Monday 7th February – closing date for applications for Admission to Junior Infants September 2022

Saturday 12th February – ‘You shall be my Witness’ Mass – 7.30pm Eadestown Church (Confirmation Pupils)

Thursday 17th February – Ceremony of Light – 7.30pm Eadestown Church

Wednesday 23rd February – 12.30pm closure due to Whole School Staff Professional Development.

Thursday 24th & Friday 25th February – School closed Mid Term Break

Saturday 5th March – ‘Do this in Memory Mass’ – 7.30pm Eadestown Church (First holy Communion)

Saturday 12th March – You Shall Be My Witness’ Mass – 7.30pm Eadestown Church

Thursday 17th & Friday 18th March – No School

Friday 25th March – Sacrament of Confirmation – 11.30am Eadestown Church

Monday 11th to Friday 22nd April – Easter Holidays

Monday 2nd May – No School

Saturday 14th May – Sacrament of First Holy Communion

Friday 3rd to Wednesday 8th June – School Closed for mid-term. School reopens on Thursday 9th June

Friday 24th June – 12.30pm close for Summer Holidays

Active School Survey


In 2020, prior to the initial school closure, we surveyed our students to find out what they liked about P.E. at Rathmore N.S. and what improvements could be made to make our Active School even better!

Before we had a chance to analyse the findings and incorporate some recommendations, the first lockdown of 2020 hit us with a bang! During remote teaching and learning, we encouraged our children to stay active and we even managed to have a remote Active Schools Week in 2020. Seeing photos of the children incorporate our Active Schools slogan, at home, ‘Get off your chair and get some air’ lifted the spirits of all. In June 2021, almost a year after our remote Active Week, we were thrilled to hold an in-school Active Week. Lots of fun was had by all, each day, and the weather shone all week.

As restrictions are once again lifting, we look forward to revisiting our students’ suggestions. Our swimming lessons have not been possible since March 2020 and as there has been no mixing of pods, there has been no school football/hurling/athletics events. We hope these will be back VERY soon.

Our Active school pupil questionnaire revealed the following information:

  • Our students enjoy P.E class, with Games and Athletics being the most popular strands. They wish that P.E. was longer and on more days.
  • Active Homework and the active break challenge (Feb 2020) was given a thumbs up by most students.
  • Some students wish there was a gymnastics club in the school.
  • Others just want to be on the same team as their friend during P.E. class.
  • Playing on the pitch at break times is a firm favourite with all students and this is something that does happen when the weather and seasons are on our side.
  • When it’s raining, the classroom based physical activity breaks are welcomed by students so that they can get off their chair and move about.
  • Students would like to see us use some of the equipment that is not used often e.g. table tennis, javelins, scavenger hunts.
  • Requests were made to have footballs available to use at break times. One student even suggested that we use soft balls so ‘we don’t hurt anybody’.
  • Others would like to be able to play with beanbags and skipping ropes during yard time. These were used before our first school closure in March 2020 and are being slowly reintroduced in February/March 2022.
  • Many asked for P.E. to be held outside. One of the positive changes, due to the pandemic, is that this occurs now.
  • Some of our students would like the following: swings, a slide, a tree house, monkey bars, a trampoline, a zip line, a climbing wall, a sand pit and a tunnel. We might need to win the LOTTO for those but it’s always good to dream😊


Our students are in favour of renewing our Active Flag because ‘it encourages everyone to stay fit’ and ‘it’s fun and healthy’. They think that ‘it makes school fun’ and ‘people will go out and exercise instead of sitting down all day’.


Parents agreed with their children when it came to enjoying P.E, particularly Games and Athletics. Parents of Rathmore N.S. feel that the daily running of our school track benefits their child and that our school provides a playground environment that encourages their child to be active during break times. Here are some comments from parents:


‘Teachers are busy enough, so maybe some 6th class could organise games etc with the smaller classes. Good for them all, once it’s fun, they will do it’.

‘More facilitated games – to avoid the tendency for children to just play ‘tag’.

‘Allow slightly longer breaks and encourage kids to try new skills/ activities’.

‘Perhaps leave out some equipment that the children can help themselves e.g. beanbags, rope ladders etc’.

‘Introduce a monthly step challenge and introduce other games for kids that are not so sporty e.g. stretching/ yoga’.


‘Track run is fantastic’.

‘It’s a very positive activity for the school and pupils. Given all the electronic gadgets, more exercise is always best at school, if not at home’.

‘I think the school already does a great job encouraging sports, football, athletics etc.’

‘Introduce a ‘Walk to School’ programme. Once a month, everyone walks from the church to the school’.

‘More Active Fun Play E.g. Hopscotch’.

‘The children walk or run the track everyday which is a great form of exercise’.

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Enrolment 2022/2023

The Enrolment process for the following school year 2022/2023 is open from January 6th 2022. Forms of Enquiry are available from the school office or can be Downloaded here

If you require any further information regarding the above please contact Lucy Travers (Principal) or Martina on 045 862145

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