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Confirmation Seating Plan

Holiday Planner 2017-18

Please click HERE for school calendar 2017/18.

Easter Closing

School will close at 12.30 pm on Friday 7th for Easter Holidays and will reopen on Monday 24th April.  School buses will be running at this time. 

Important – Confirmation 2017

ACCIDENT – Waiting to Happen

There was another near miss in the car park this morning before 9am, when a young girl was nearly knocked down by a car reversing out of a parking spot. But for another parent taking quick action, we could have had a tragedy on our hands.

We are making another appeal to all car users to PLEASE take extreme care in the school car park. Please reverse into car spaces when you arrive, when no children are around. This makes it much safer when leaving and pulling forward out of the space. Also, please drive slowly when there are children around. They are small and are not always aware of moving cars. Be prepared to stop suddenly.

Let’s keep our kids safe – especially in the run up to the Easter Break.


Enrolment 2019

The Enrolment process for the following school year 2019/2020 is now open.  Closing date for applications is 20th February 2019.

Forms of Enquiry are available HERE or from the school office.

For any queries  please contact Robbie Jameson (Principal) or Martina (Secretary) at: 045 862145

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Bus Routes 2017

Details of bus routes and contact numbers for the companies and drivers can be found HERE or from the TRANSPORT menu.

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